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Partners contribute their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more to help build stronger communities in Tulare County. 

Service To Others, That's where it's at...We need your help!! Volunteer Today!

You are the branches of the Vine...Let's Branch Out Together!! Sponsor Us Today!  




Our Vision For The Future...


FUND and manage a community food bank and garden


OPERATE and promote successful thrift stores that can be used for teaching job skills to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


REACH OUT to the homeless population in Tulare County and...


INVOLVE the community as volunteers, donors and recipients.


EDUCATE through a variety of community classes that are focused on encouraging good nutrition, proper food preparation, organic gardening, health and wellness, disaster prepardness, First Aid and CPR Training.  

Our Mission Is To Empower People And Promote Positive Social Change

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